Beyond the Scar


BEYOND the SCAR is a stretch of the storyline of the previous novel; the SCAR, penned down by the same author to prefer resolutions to the crises which started from the Scar. Here more characters are introduced that made the plot of the story intricate.


BEYOND the SCAR is a stretch of the storyline of the previous novel; the SCAR, penned down by the same author to prefer resolutions to the crises which started from the Scar. Here more characters are introduced that made the plot of the story intricate.

A significant character is Francis Ndibo, who epitomizes today’s abusers and paedophilia in our society. A paedophile is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Anyone who abuse minors using a diverse tricks and duplicitous offerings to exploit them is a paedophile. The likes of Francis are ubiquitous in our society who takes undue advantage of other people’s ignorance, carelessness, naiveness and youthful exuberance. The reasons for these ills are not far fetched~ most parents have failed abysmally in their duty posts, and the resultant effects are broken home as evident in Mrs. martins’.

Beyond the Scar is an in depth exposition of some people who were once wounded emotionally and otherwise most often by people who they trusted and expected the least hurt from. The book X-rays how many nurse deep seated pains and grieve in their heart even after the physical wounds and scars are erased. The novel also exposed how so many people find it difficult to let go of old hurts instead groan and hurt themselves in depression.

Typical social vices happening in our institutions of higher learning today is displayed by Valetta’s decision to tread on the other path of life that appears glaring; despite warnings from her mother and friend Helen, she enmeshed herself in extra curriculum activities which took place in Valentin Day, been her birthdate anniversary, but that left her with untold regrets.

The three lead characters: Sharon, Valetta, the successful banker and Adedayo Martins were terribly hurt by one another. Other minor characters like Mama Dayo, and Tinuade were also wounded as well.

The excerpt below is a bitter expression of the soul; from mother to son.

You are a completely useless and worthless child. I regret giving birth to you…

Get out of my house and out of our lives, your presence brings shame and continous bitterness to me… 

I say, leave my house… I don’t want you again as my son! 


These and more leaves children to precarious state in the society. An excerpt below shows Dayo’s agony. 

 “stop Pestering my life, I don’t know you and I don’t want to know who you are…your son died many years ago, so I don’t know you, Leave me alone…i can’t see beyond the Scar, all I see is pains, hurt, my bitter past, my present predicaments, blurred and hopeless future, helplessness, lost chance…”

It’s not unlikely that most youths especially ladies who indulge in enormous dirty acts do so out of frustration and depression which must have been caused by their mothers from the outset. The case of Sharon and Dayo are points of reference. Though Dayo’s pre and post university lifestyle instigated his mother’s fury, howbeit; mama Dayo aggravated her son’s frustration coupled with the fact that he is rusticated from the university. Indeed, afflictions makes a man mad! Out of the abundant of the heart, the month speaks.

The common practice of ‘hit and run’ by men on their women and the intake of aborticides by ladies is who are either victims of rape or consented sexual acts is mirrored in this book as Was The case of Tinuade.

Addendum to these ills is the unfortunate irresponsible acts of some men as displayed by Baba Dayo which worsen the plight of Mrs Martins and children.

Be that as it may, there is always a balm for every wounded soul, and anyone can be instrumental and channel through which divinity restores Health to other people’s suppurating bodies. Mrs Adele  and Tade Craig are typical examples.

In our society today, so many people has scars of diverse magnitude and have refused to be comforted like the biblical Reachal. A pathetic example is our LORD JESUS CHRIST who is the highest bearer of SCARS, but we were told that, for the Joy that was set before him, He endured the Cross/Scar. One thing is sure; if we let GOD, He has the perfect Balm for every wounded soul, as we see how a lame man got instant healing at the breaking news of his Wife’s pregnancy and lots more~all because they all let go!

The letters in this book are weaved for everyone to get relief from wounds as well help those in despair as the Holy Logos charged us. We must not be ignorant of the abundant grace available for us while we bear our different crosses in Life.

I thus recommend this book to every household to savour with passion and apply the lessons in our daily lives.

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Beyond the Scar


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